Virtual Mesotherapy Treatment

Sometimes beauty creams are not enough to keep your skin young and beautiful. Usually, the effect of a cream is 5%, which offers little visible results and you have to wait a long time to see them. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, reduces the waiting time and makes sure that the cream has an effect of 90%. Thus, the active substances have a 6x more powerful effect on the stratum corneum, 12x on the epidermis and 40x on the dermis.


⦾ Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scars, pigmented spots, cuperose and acne

⦾ The skin structure is completely rejuvenated and hydrated

⦾ Through new cell production, your skin is more firm and luminous

⦾ Makes your skin look more glowing and firmer

⦾ Hydrates and rejuvenates at a cellular level

⦾ Visibly diminishes pores

How it works

Virtual mesotherapy is the most advanced form of mesotherapy on the market at the moment. This procedure simultaneously absorbs active substances through various technologies: electroporation, microcurrent, HR sound waves, red and yellow photobiostimulation. Electroporation is based on short and controlled electric impulses which dilate the pores by 400%. This allows the maximal absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the skin. Thus, the skin is 95% hydrated. Virtual mesotherapy also stimulates cellular regeneration, fibers synthesis and nourishes the connective tissue.

Lavanda Sky Recommendation

This treatment is recommended to people who want to get rid of wrinkles, pigmented spots, dilated pores, cuperose and acne.

Why should you choose Virtual Mesotherapy?

Unlike other painful procedures that require needle intervention, mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure, that does not require anesthesia or injection of the face.

Virtual Mesotherapy Tariffs



The effects do not simply disappear, but, over time, small, fine wrinkles appear that can be dimmed through deep nourishment of the skin. For best results monthly sessions are necessary.

The sessions are done once a week, 4-6 sessions being necessary. After the treatment is done monthly maintenance sessions are recommended. For optimal results, one session of facial microdermabrasion is suggested before starting the treatment.

Facial mesotherapy is not recommended to people with serious skin and heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, liver or chronic disease, steroids treatment and pregnancy.

Yes, results can be seen from the first session.