Radiofrequency Localized Slimming

The research and case studies done by Deka have lead to the launch of a non-invasive system that specifically destroys the adipocyte membrane, similar to the laser treatment. In just a few sessions (5-6), the Coolwaves™ technology of the ONDA RADIOFREQUENCY system is very efficient in that it diminishes localized fat in areas such as the abdomen, back or hips in a painless and effortless way.


⦾ Coolwaves™ microwaves treat cellulite even in its most advanced stages.

⦾ The device destroys the fat membrane responsible for cellulite.

⦾ The procedure is painless, does not have secondary effects, making it safe for patients.

How it works

ONDA RADIOFREQUENCY is the only system that uses Coolwaves™ microwaves which selectively works on adipose cells in order to reduce fat in a safe, efficient, non-invasive way. The technology of the ONDA DEKA device is based on guiding the electromagnetic directly to the adipocytes, in order to destroy them, while the cooling system makes the skin keeps its elasticity. The procedure is comfortable and safe for the patient. The Coolwaves™ microwaves penetrate the skin, destroying subcutaneous fat membranes. The cooling system is integrated into the applicator, making sure that the lymphocytes are safely destroyed.

Lavanda Sky recommendation

The Coolwaves™ technology of the ONDA system is recommended for people who want to get rid of localized fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, legs or hips. This treatment is also suitable for people who want to have smoother skin. The special microwaves of the ONDA system contract the collagen fibers and stimulate new collagen production.

Why should you choose the ONDA treatment

Unlike other technology, the ONDA localized slimming treatment passes through all skin layers without overheating them.

ONDA Treatment tariffs



Coolwaves ™ microwaves pass directly through the upper layers without overheating them (the absorption being about 20% of the emitted energy) and concentrate their efficient action on the subcutaneous fat that absorbs them more (about 80% of the energy).

For increased safety and patient comfort, the applicators are equipped with an integrated cooling system that acts as a barrier between the Coolwaves ™ power supply and the skin. A thermal pillow is created that protects the epidermis and dermis, favoring the concentration of the action deep in the tissue, on the targeted area. Coolwaves ™ do not cause redness or discomfort, unlike electrodes used in radio frequency systems.