Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins

This minimally invasive procedure offers the skin the vitamins and nutrients necessary for the elasticity, suppleness, and firmness of it.


⦾ It is a natural adjuvant for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles reduction, and scars correction.

⦾ It has a nutritive and antioxidant role, stimulating microcirculation and local cellular metabolism.

⦾ It can be used also on hands, having the same rejuvenation effect.

How it works

Mesotherapy sessions are done through microinjections with the help of a special device, simultaneously, with 5 or 9 needles.

Lavanda Sky recommendations

This procedure is applied at the face, neck and cleavage level and is recommended who want to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of wrinkles and scars.




It is recommended that this procedure should be combined with chirurgical treatments such as a laser. One session lasts approximately 30 minutes and involves injections in the treated area. It recommended 3 sessions, each every 2 weeks and a number of 3 sessions per year.