Lymphastim Treatment

A sedentary lifestyle is a common problem nowadays. We spend a lot of time standing or sitting which leads to swollen feet or cellulite. Lymphatic drainage is a renowned treatment for its beneficial effects on your body’s health.


⦾ Lymphatic drainage enhances lymphatic and blood circulation

⦾ Eliminating metabolic residues, diminishes edema and treats the tiredness of the legs

⦾ Helps people feel better

⦾ Helps reduce metabolic residues

⦾ Reduces liquid tissue accumulation

⦾ Treads “tired legs” syndrome

How it works

The special applicators of the device have up to 24 overlapped compartments that ensure a gentle massage that stimulates the natural circulation of the lymph. The device can be used for various treatments such as: detox, slimming, anti-cellulite, and organism regeneration.

Lavanda Sky recommendation

This treatment is suitable for people who spend 8h/day in an office, with a sedentary lifestyle and that want to get rid of cellulite and of “tired legs” syndrome. Your organism will relax and regenerate itself and the slimming process will be simpler.

Lymphastim Treatment tariffs



In order to efficiently get rid of cellulite, the optimal treatment is of 4-5 sessions/week, depending on your necessities.

Contraindications: neuropathy, acute plexopathy, acute pulmonary edema, acute soft-tissue injury, acute thrombophlebitis, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, erysipelas, fever, glaucoma, liver or renal failure, deep vein thromboses, lymphangitis, pacemaker, abdominal pains, eclampsia, tumors.