Laser hair removal

More and more patients have already tried the benefits of painless, quick and efficient laser hair removal. Out of all the options currently on the market, the Alexandrite laser is the most reliable. The skin penetration rate, compared to other methods, eliminates smooth, thin hair and the patients experience less pain and discomfort.


⦾ At the contact with the skin, the cooling system induces a gradual heat, that makes the procedure painless

⦾ Can be used on all types of skin

⦾ Can be done even during summer

⦾ Efficient on all hair types (including blonde hair)

⦾ Penetrates skin better than other hair removal methods

⦾ Can be used on extended areas of the body

How it works

The light that penetrates the skin is absorbed by melanin (the hair pigment), it is then transformed in heat, thus destroying germinal cells. Permanent hair removal, is actually semipermanent hair removal, this method being able to reduce unwanted hair by 92%. The results last approximately 6-7 years and even after this period of time, the hair can be barely seen. Before the appointment, you need to get ready: do not use hair removal methods that rip out the root of the hair, don’t tan for at least a week beforehand, don’t use creams that contain alcohol and don’t go to the sauna 24h prior to the session.

Lavanda Sky recommendation

This procedure works on all types of hair, having long-lasting effects.

Why choose laser hair removal?

Compared to IPL hair removal, laser hair removal has a different mechanism of action. The laser has a well-defined target, the melanin, due to the 755nm wavelength. area, while IPL doesn’t, hence needing fewer sessions with the laser option.




Hair grows in various stages and light radiation affects only the follicles in the active stage various sessions are needed to remove all the hair. The number of sessions differs from one to another based on age, weight, sex, hormonal status, etc.

This tipe of laser destroys hair follicles painlessly and without side effects such as burns or discoloration.

Yes. Deka Motus Ax is one of the few lasers that can be used even during the summer.

It is not recommended to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have epilepsy, cancer, blood diseases, certain cardiac conditions, or metal implants.