Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

As we all know, oxygen is the source of life on Earth! Used in beauty treatments, it brings life and youth to our skin. The treatment with hyperbaric oxygen is renowned for the quick and visible results on the skin, and it also diminishes wrinkles and amplifies the collagen production, essential for a healthy and firm skin.


⦾ Instant lifting

⦾ Glowing skin

⦾ Intense hydration

⦾ Collagen and elastin stimulation

⦾ Firm skin

⦾ Significant wrinkle reduction

How it works

With the help of an airbrush, through hyperbaric pressure, the active ingredients and the oxygen molecules are equally pushed and dispersed between the skin layers, stimulating the production of two essential proteins: elastin and collagen. This treatment is non-invasive, has no secondary effects and offers visible results since the first session

Lavanda Sky recommendation

This non-invasive procedure with hyperbaric oxygen is suitable for every skin type, especially dry skin, visibly affected by premature aging and everyday external factors. The treatment visibly diminishes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin by increasing the collagen production which is reduced as we grow old.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Tariffs



Yes. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is visible from the first session, the skin being visibly more firm and glowing, profoundly hydrated and revitalized.

It is indicated to leave 5-7 days in between treatments and for maintenance, 1 session/month is recommended.

This treatment is not recommended to people with skin cancer, skin erosion, diabetes, inflammations, and skin infections. It can neither be done if there haven’t passed at least 6 months from the anti-acne treatment (Roacutanne, Itozek, Tetrarysal).