X-Magic Anticellulite Forte Treatment

X-Magic Anticellulite Forte Treatment is suitable for people who want to get rid of white stretch marks and in-depth adipose tissue, the technique used being highly advanced, results being visible right away.


⦾ Visible result from the first session

⦾ Measurable anticellulite results

⦾ Reduces cellulite in all its stages

⦾ Treats white stretch marks and prevents them from reappearing

⦾ Enhances the blood and the lymphatic circulation

⦾ Oxygenates tissues

How it works

This procedure revitalizes the skin and it enhances the tonus. The three technologies used during the treatment reduce cellulite, water retention, and localized fat.

Lavanda Sky recommendation

This treatment localizes problematic areas and has an anti-fibrotic effect for firmer skin.

X-Magic Anticellulite Forte Treatment Tariffs



Yes, the results are visible from the first session.

It is recommended a treatment of 6-8 sessions, followed by drainage. The sessions can be done every 4-5 days.

No. This is a non-invasive, in-depth, painless procedure. It has long-lasting results and different programs for men and women.

Corporal radiofrequency is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when you have open skin wounds, if you have a renal deficiency, epilepsy, cancer, blood conditions or metal implants.