Dynamic Radiofrequency Wave Treatment

As we grow old, our organism produces less natural collagen, which means that it needs some extra boost from ourselves. Dynamic Radiofrequency Wave Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that offers your skin an instant lifting effect, accelerates the natural production of elastin and collagen and guarantees your skin long-lasting youth.


⦾ Firmer skin

⦾ Regenerates the tissue

⦾ Reduces hydric retention and under-eye bags

⦾ Oxygenates the tissue

⦾ Reduces face laxity

⦾ Reduces wrinkles

How it works

Dynamic Radiofrequency Wave Treatment is a device which through simultaneous action of pentapolar radiofrequency, ultrasounds and photobiostimulation, warms up the skin, contracts the elastin fibers and activates the lifting effect. At the same time, this procedure stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers and offers density and luminosity to the skin, remodels the face and visibly diminishes wrinkles.

Lavanda Sky recommendation

The treatment is appropriate for people with mature skin, that have visible wrinkles and that want to reduce the dark circles caused by water retention, retrieving the firmness, luminosity and the voluptuousness of their skin.

Dynamic Radiofrequency Wave Tariffs



Yes. The Dynamic Radiofrequency Wave Treatment treatment profoundly stimulates and oxygenates the skin tissues, giving your skin a visible lifting effect.

The treatment can be repeated every 5-7 days.

This treatment is not indicated for people in the following situations: cardiac stimulator, epilepsy, skin disease, eczema, facial herpes, pregnancy and breastfeeding, chirurgical intervention in the area, skin cancer, metallic implant in the area, use of isotretinoin in the last 6 months or tattoo in the area.